KB’s Journey 07/20/2008

21 07 2008

In “KB’s Journey,” I will talk about some of the initiatives and causes that I support, and keep you posted on my philanthropic journeys.

In September, I’ve accepted the challenge to participate in the Capital Challenge Walk, a two-day 50K walk in Washington D.C designed to raise funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis. I’ve been training for two weeks and all I can think about is how much I need a deep tissue massage. To add insult to injury, I’ve started the healthy eating lifestyle again, so not only do my muscles hurt, but I also want six glazed donuts! Whew…I digress!

When I’m training, I’m not walking the full amount but hitting the trail for 5-6 miles at a time in the Chicago summer can make it feel like I’m walking FOREVER! I’m not complaining though because I do my walks on the lakefront so I have some beautiful scenery (and my iPod) keeping me company!

I’m really excited to participate in this walk because it’s all about challenging yourself for the greater good. Plus, I’m doing it in celebration of my mother who tirelessly fought multiple sclerosis for almost 30 years. If she could do that and keep the faith, I surely can walk these kilometers/miles and keep mine. That doesn’t mean that I won’t get tired along the way, but I know that I’ll make it! Now that I’ve ridded myself of any and all excuses not to participate, I’m officially starting my fundraising plan this week. Each participant must raise at least $1500 so in addition to the usual email/phone campaign, I’ve also planned some fun activities (of course) to get folks excited about giving! If you’re interested, stay tuned for the details!

Alright, enough chatting on my end, I have to walk 4 miles at 6a, and my body’s still recovering from the 6 miles this weekend. I’m off to drink a cup of nighttime tea and drift away to La La Land. For more info on the Capital Challenge Walk, visit this site: www.msandyou.org!

Sweet dreams…





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