Eating Out and Helping to End Hunger

27 09 2008

I’ve been doing a LOT of things while out here in DC. I’m talking shopping, sightseeing, volunteering, sleeping, etc. And, I’ve also been eating out every day. So, imagine my delight when I learned that a lot of the restaurants that I’ve been visiting are participating in this week’s Great American Dineout. The weeklong nationwide program kicked off on Sunday the 21st and goes until the 28th!

During the Great American Dineout, participating restaurants donate a portion of their proceeds to help end childhood hunger. My favorite part about events like this is that they don’t require you to do anything out of the ordinary. You just go to one of your favorite spots (if they’re participating), order your food, and that’s it. It’s so simple!

To find restaurants near you, or for more information, please visit!

Here are some participating DC restaurants that my family or I have eaten in this week…

Corner Bakery – Union Station (From where I’m currently blogging…Lol)

Legal Sea Foods on 7th

Charlie Palmer Steak

Daily Grill

I’m sure that when I get back to Chicago, my scale will definitely reflect the amount of eating that’s happened this week. But, if most of it was for a good cause, then I should get some kind of “weight gain” pardon. Right? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If there was some type of philanthropy associated with my local gym, then maybe I would find myself there more often. 🙂



P.S. Did anyone know that Corner Bakery had wi-fi? I didn’t! I guess wireless is almost everywhere now!




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