Quick Hits

15 10 2008

Happy Hump Day! Here are a few quick hits for today:

  • USA Today did a series called “Sharing in the USA,” examining how Americans give. The articles cover how philanthropy has evolved over the years, how celebrities give, and how the economy is affecting our contributions. You can access the stories here.
  • The Auxiliary Board of Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation is hosting their “Okto-bear-fest” this Friday, October 17th at Sedgwick’s Bar and Grill (1935 N. Sedgwick). The cost of the event is $30 and includes domestic beers, wines, and call drinks, and it will last from 6-9p. For more information on Bear Necessities, click here!
  • Tomorrow, October 16th, the Junior Board of Girls on the Run will host a wine tasting at Lush Wine and Spirits (1257 S. Halsted). The event costs $30, and covers three hours of wine tasting. Girls on the Run is provides programs for girls between the ages of 8-13 years. The programs combine training for a 3.1 mile running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. For more information, visit www.gotrchicago.org!



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