Fabulous Gift Ideas Pt. 1

8 12 2008

I’m gonna take a break from charitable events to talk about some fabulous, yet practical gifts for your favorite folks! I recognize that these are some crazy financial times so I tried to think of budget-friendly options. Hope you enjoy the list!

Pretty 2-For-1: These gifts are perfect for your friend who you never see because her work and personal lives are swamped! Treat her to one of these events below and kill two birds with one FAB stone! 

Beauty and Brunch at Mojo Spa  (1468 N. Milwaukee)

Mojo Spa hosts Beauty and Brunch on Sundays from 11a-2p. Guests are treated to a complimentary homemade brunch along with a manicure and pedicure using their handmade scrubs and lotions. I wandered into Mojo a month ago and the place is amazing! They make all of the soaps, scrubs, candles, etc in Chicago, and they smell great! Some are even shaped like pastries. My words are going to do the place any justice! Being in Mojo Spa is truly a sensory experience. Check it out! 

If you’re interested in Beauty and Brunch, you need to call in advance and make a reservation (up to 3 people per reservation). The costs for the full Beauty and Brunch experience range from $60-$80. 

Martinis, Manis, and SATC at Arbré Nail Spa (1244 N. Wells)

When I first heard about this place, I thought it was too good to be true! But, after researching it and asking around, it turns out that Arbré Spa is the truth! The “lifestyle nail spa” is BYOB AND shows Sex and the City episodes nonstop of two big-screen TVs. So, grab your friend (you know the one who’s obsessed with Carrie & Co) and make her day!  


Fabulous Fixes: Every smart girl (and guy) needs to have a good tailor/seamstress and shoe repair guy. Play it smart and purchase a gift certificate for these services. Sure, your friend may not immediately think it’s the sexiest gift, but they will thank you when they need to have the heels of their favorite boots replaced!

My go-to places don’t sell gift certificates (I already asked), but feel free to check out your local spots. If you need some recommendations on places, check out Yelp.com. The reviews are always pretty helpful!


A Girl’s Gotta Eat: It’s no secret that restaurants sell gift certificates. The key to getting a friend a GC is making it count on her end. Find a great restaurant that has daily specials (1/2 bottles of wine, prix-fixe menu, etc), get your friend a gift certificate, and, here’s the important part, tell them about the deals! You can tell them verbally or write it in the card.

Sure, it may take some research on your end, but this, friends, is what we like to call “bonus added.” Metromix.com is a good place to get started!

Some places to try…

1492 Tapas (42 E. Superior)

Devon Seafood Grill (39 E. Chicago)

Cuatro (2030 S. Wabash)

Uncle Julio’s Hacienda (855 W. North)

P.S. Flattop Grill (a.k.a. stirfry heaven) has a great deal right now! You can buy a $50 gift certificate for only $30. Talk about making your dollars stretch! You can buy one of these for a friend (or even yourself). Go to flattopgrill.com for a list of locations!


On Wednesday, I’m going to post Part II with some affordable and cute gifts. Recessionistas rejoice! Lol 🙂





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