Fabulous Gifts Part II

15 12 2008

Happy Monday! I finally have part II of Fabulous Gifts, a short list of little trinkets to bring big joy on a small budget!

Wine Glass Tags and Decor 

How many times have you been at a gathering drinking wine and someone says “Which glass is mine?” A million for me! A former co-worker owns “Wine Lines,” and I think they are hilarious. Each tag says something tongue-in-cheek which can describe your wine along with you. I was “Fruity, yet firm and well-stacked.” Haha!

1. Wine Lines                           2. Stem Adornments

                                    3. Shopping Tags


1. Wine Lines, $6.99 2. Stem Adornments, $13.95 3. Shopping-Themed Charms, $17.99


Swarovski Pencils

We’ve come a long way from our Bedazzler days, at least I hope we have. But, anyways…it still feels nice to own sparkly things. I saw these pencils over at A Woman’s Worth, and fell in love! These Swarovski-tipped pencils are so beautiful that you may have a hard time bringing yourself to actually use them!

Swarovski Pencils 

Each pencil costs $7 and can be purchased on RedStamp.com!


Handmade Jewelry

It’s no secret that accessories can totally make (or break) an outfit. Instead of gifting jewelry purchased at an overpriced retail store, why not support independent artisans and their creations? If you aren’t sure where to start, head on over to Etsy.com.


And, of course, if you can’t see yourself buying a gift that isn’t sold in the mall, at least shop at a store that rewards you with points and/or sends you coupons in the mail (a la Bebe, Express, Macy’s, etc). After all, we are still (make that, definitely) in a recession!




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