Argo Tea “ChariTEA” Program

29 12 2008

ChariTEAHave any of you guys ever visited Argo Tea? I popped into the Randolph street location last year around this time, and have been hooked ever since! Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m totally on “Team Coffee,” but every now and then, tea does my soul and, some would argue, my body some good.

Well, I recently learned that I can also do good for a local charity by ordering “ChariTEA.” I had this tea over the weekend and it hit the spot. It’s cherry-based but doesn’t have that icky cough syrup thing going on! Anyways, during the month of December, Argo Tea donated 10% of the proceeds to Gilda’s Club, a support network for individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families. And, next month, the proceeds will benefit one of the coolest places in the city, the Museum of Contemporary Art

Stop by your favorite Argo Tea and try the drink out! For more information on Argo Tea’s community involvement, visit!





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