KB’s Journey: Job Hunting = Ick!

29 12 2008

Can I just say that I HATE the idea of searching for a new job? This summer, I decided that I was going to leave my pharma advertising job and pursue my dreams in the realm of nonprofit marketing. And, not only was I going to quit my job, I was going to quit before finding another position. Now, if you’re thinking that during the course of this post, that I’m going to say I regret that decision…STOP READING! This isn’t that kind of discussion! 

I absolutely love the fact that I had the courage (and savings) to leave my job and pursue my dreams. I “retired” in October, two days before my 25th birthday. During my “mini-retirement,” I’ve had the chance to volunteer, work on starting my own non-profit (details to come), sleep late, have long lunches, stay out until 4a on a Monday, spend 3 hours at the gym, etc. As a matter of fact, only within the past 3 weeks have I started looking for jobs again. And, now we can get into the point of this post.

Searching for a job has got to be one of the most draining and frustrating tasks known to man! 

Here are my Top 5 complaints as it relates to my personal process…

1. The combination of “nonprofit marketing, cause marketing, nonprofit communications” and “Chicago” doesn’t really yield a strong amount of leads on any job boards.

2. The doggone economy has many NPOs in a bind, hindering their ability to hire new individuals. Yes, this includes the big boy organizations too!

3. I only apply for positions that I reallllly want, and it takes me at least a day to create a customized cover letter because I don’t want to give them generic garbage. It may work in other industries, but you can’t apply for a marketing position with a whack cover letter…Can’t market yourself? Can’t market their services.

4. As a business major, I’m having a hard time understanding how an organization wants you to have 5 years of experience in exchange for $30K a year. Isn’t that an entry-level salary?

5. The longer I search, the more evident it becomes that I’m going to have to create my own path.

Sigh…anyways, it looks like I may be unemployed for a few more months because I am just allergic to working somewhere just for the sake of a check. The personal sacrifice is just too great! Well, at least that’s what I’m saying now…Check back with me in a month!


EXAMINER ALERT: I briefly talked about some career hunting tips in an Examiner article. Click here to check it out!




2 responses

30 12 2008

Hey KBrianne! I’m in nonprofit marketing myself, and have been since I graduated college. But I’ce switched gigs a couple of times. Currently the Marketing Coordinator for a nonprofit that trains other nonprofs on how to tell their stories better. When I was looking for gigs, I found TONS of marketing positions in nonprofs b/c they are just realizing that they need someone dedicated solely to communications. It’s the weeding out process that sucks.

Websites to check, if you havent:

Hope these help.

30 12 2008
Marilou Jones

Donors Forum has created a new page for nonprofit job seekers:

Good luck in your search!

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