Ten Small Ways To Increase The “Give”

30 12 2008

As we pass into 2009, most of us will make declarations of how to better ourselves in the upcoming year. Of course, I’m going to urge you to incorporate more giving into your routine. If you don’t take anything else away from this blog, I want you to understand that it doesn’t take much to lead a charitable lifestyle. The opportunities are everywhere! 

So, here are ten (of many) small ways that you can increase the “give” in your life…


10. When doing your monthly grocery shopping, buy a few extra canned goods and donate them to your local food pantry.

9. Show your support and attend a workshop/event at a small arts center, even if it’s free. Sometimes it’s not about the money, it’s just about showing your appreciation.

8. Play a pick-up game of jump rope, football, or basketball with the kids in your neighborhood.

7. Each month, donate your loose change to the charity of your choice.

6. Clean out your closet/bookcases and donate those clothes and books to a shelter.

5. Find out if your employer has a “Charity Days” program or a Workplace Giving program, and participate.

4. Donate that extra $1 when you’re at the checkout counter.

3. Offer to give a friend, co-worker, or a fellow church member a ride home the next time you see them.

2. Tip the baristas at Starbucks.



So, think about it…What small actions will you take next year? 





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