So, I Guess I Am Going to DC…!

7 01 2009

As some of you knew, I swore off going to the inauguration. The traffic…the street closures…the probable lines EVERYWHERE…the thought of a ridiculous line at my faves (Ben’s and Busboys)…It just seemed like too much! Plus, my father/step-mom are going to like two balls (one official, one semi-official), and I didn’t want to be sitting in the VA apartment with them watching them get ready and feeling salty. LOL!


Well fast-forward to yesterday…My BFF calls me and asks tells me that she wants me to come out to DC next week and volunteer on the Inaugural Committee. She set it all up so I will be jumping my behind on the next plane (well, on Wednesday) to DC to help out. And, to make it all better, I’m staying in the DMV until the 25th!!! So, I will get to experience my second home without ALLLL the masses *insert cartwheels here*

Email me if you’re going to be in DC!!! I hope to see you 🙂




7 responses

7 01 2009

Hope you have a good time!

7 01 2009

Whoa!! You lucky duck. What will you be doing on the Inaugural committee?? Does that mean you’ll be going to balls? I’m sooo jealous. I’m also going to DC and have nothing official to do. I just HAVE to be in that place during that tie. The energy will be bananas.

7 01 2009

@Tia: Thanks!!!

@Luvvie: I have no idea what I’ll be doing but I’m just excited to go! Haha

7 01 2009

That’s great! Hope to see you while you’re in DC!

8 01 2009

Yay! Hopefully we cross paths while in the area!

8 01 2009

I will definitely be there and busboys in on my to-do list!

9 01 2009

Tracey – I’ll email you!
P- I’ll call you!
T- I cannot wait for Busboys!!! 🙂

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