I’m Not A Big Fan of Go-Go Music, But…

26 01 2009

…I’ve decided to move to DC!

After much prayer and a little divine intervention, it looks like I am officially packing my bags and moving to DC! I’m very excited and definitely looking forward to setting up shop in a new city (something I’ve never done before)! I’m interviewing this week with top PR firm out here so make sure to keep me in your prayers!

I still plan to talk about Chicago events, but will now start adding in DC events (and other cities, as necessary). So, be on the lookout for that! If you’re in the DC area, shoot me an email! I need to learn the secrets to this area…I especially would like to hear from people who moved out here from cities like Chicago or New York. I’m definitely struggling with a few things…

Alright, now back to business as usual… 🙂





4 responses

26 01 2009

Oh wow!!! Well congrats in the new beginnings in a great city!

26 01 2009
Amanda Miller Littlejohn

We should definitely have some coffee when you get here and talk shop. I sent you a message on twitter re: PR opportunities but looks like you’ve got it under control! Would love to get you plugged into some of the PR orgs once you’re here, though. Congrats on the move!

27 01 2009

That’s awesome girl! Let me know if you decide to do a little going away shindig before you go. And I’ll send one up about the PR gig 🙂

28 01 2009

Not a big fan of Go-Go!? How often have you been to one live and in person though… now you’ll have the chance to understand how and why Go-Go continues to thrive here!

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