Send Me Your V-Day Events for Charity!

4 02 2009

It seems that Valentine’s Day is really motivating people to open their hearts and give back! That’s great, guys! If your nonprofit, favorite charity, business, or client (for my PR peeps) is hosting a Valentine’s Day event/initiative for charity, please let me know by this weekend! I’m compiling a list for both The Fabulous Giver (nationwide) and the Examiner (Chicago only).

You can send the info to my email addy:!






2 responses

6 02 2009

I don’t have my own charity or anything, but this year for V-day I’m giving my boyfriend (Jack) a certificate that shows I donated money in his name to a charity he cares about. I’m giving him a little gift too, but we both already have so much, I thought V-day would be a good time to show our love not just for each other, but for other people that have much less. BUT SHH–Don’t ruin the surprise!!!

8 02 2009

That’s cool! More people should do stuff like that! Seriously! 🙂

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