Le Printemps in February?!?

9 02 2009

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? From most FB/Twitter status messages, I’m assuming that most of you all enjoyed some nice, sunny weather! It was in upper 40s/mid 50s in Chicago, which was a HUGE deal given what we’ve been dealing with! But, believe it or not, I still saw some piles of snow still sitting around 😦 Hopefully, the 60 degree weather (promised on Tuesday) will get rid of it ONCE and for all…Or until the next snowfall!

This weekend, I stayed local…Hyde Park for everything. HP Produce, Medici, Istria, HP Art Center! I love this neighborhood, man! Oh, before I forget, I have to say that I enjoyed everyone’s* live Twits during the Grammy’s. You all were the main reason that I watched the show!!!

Anyways, my relaxing weekend prepped me for this week! Enjoy this week’s blogs and feel free to leave your comments/suggestions! 


*Everyone = Luvvie, Afrobella, SuperHussy, Clarknyss, DC Fab, NY Fab, Lollie Shopping, Chicagoist, RedEye Chicago, Jess, and many others!




One response

9 02 2009

Yeah the Grammy Tweets were wayyy more entertaining than the show itself.

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