KB’s Journey: I Need A Red Dress!

23 02 2009

This Friday, I’ll be volunteering at the Macy’s Go Red for Women Luncheon, which is actually at Macy’s (in case you were wondering). Now, I suspected that I would have to wear some red, but now I’m thinking that I will more than likely need to be in all red 😦

The frowny face is due to the fact that I’ve never been a big fan of red clothing. I have plenty of red shoes and a couple of red handbags, but nothing red to wear! So, not only do I need a red dress, it needs to look professional and not make me gag. Here are some of the ideas that I’ve come up with thus far:

A classic sheath dress is perfect luncheon attire…

Photobucket London Times Sheath Dress, $39.99

Or…I could wear a nice red sweater over a black sheath dress or with dress slacks!

PhotobucketBelted Cardigan, $32
Photobucket Pearl Cardigan, $29

Or, if I had time to have a dress shipped to me, I’d order this one and channel my inner (First) Lady O!

Photobucket Addicted to Love Dress, $74.99

Whatever I choose, I better do so QUICKLY! This week is filling up with volunteer assignments and meetings (and bikram yoga classes!)…so I better hop to it and SOON!





One response

23 02 2009

I’ve actually been meaning to be more active with community service for a while and I truly have no excuse apart from my extreme laziness to why I have yet to do it. I definitely see the value in it and I actually miss the high school days where we were forced to volunteers. I ended up with like 115 service hours. Help me get more involved, KB! I signed up for Big Brothers Big Sisters today. What other resources can I look into?

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