Spa Week is Back!

30 03 2009

It’s that time of year again. Spa Week has returned! This semi-annual event runs from April 13-19th and allows participants to spoil themselves with awesome spa treatments at a discounted rate of $50! Yep, that’s it!

When you visit, you can locate spas in your area and view which services will be offered. And, with the increasing population of recessionistas, I would advise that you make your appointments now! After all, you don’t think that you’re the only person excited about a discounted microdermabrasion treatment, do you?

Like the previous Spa Weeks, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cancer and Careers, an organization committed to providing support and educational materials for employees with cancer.

Find out more at!

P.S. What treatments are on your dream list? I definitely have my favorites 🙂



Chic Condom Cases Offer Style and Safety

30 03 2009

Last week, I spoke with Rachael Sudul, half of the mom-daughter duo responsible for Just In Case condom cases. Our conversation was refreshing and revolved around some of the challenges facing women as we try and take control of our sexual health, and just health in general!

Just In Case offers many cases for your protection pleasure. The hot red case below benefits Youth AIDS, an education and prevention program which uses media, pop culture, music, theatre and sports to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and reach 600 million young people in more than 60 countries.


You can visit The Red Pump Project website for the full story (and discount code info)!


KB’s Journey: Taking A Stand Against Hunger

27 03 2009

I’m trying to get better about doing recaps for the events that I attend…Here goes!

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had the chance to take part in two GREAT events benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository!


Wednesday night, I attended Heineken with a Heart, a bar event held at the always swanky Crimson Lounge.  I got there towards the end of the event so I only heard the last two minutes of the amazing live violinist who was accompanying tracks such as “Blame It” and “On The Ocean.” I wanted to get his information but by the time that I got to the DJ area, he’d already packed up his little musician case 😦

Heineken w/a Heart

I had a great time talking to old friends and making new ones in the name of charity. As guests, we enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres (verdict: delish), free green bottles, and even had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. Heineken is committed to many causes, and the Heineken with a Heart program is one of the many outlets for their generosity. 



Moving onto Thursday, a group of Chicago bloggers participated in the “Quaker Go Project” at the Greater Chicago Food Depository headquarters. The Go Project is a partnership between Quaker and Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger, to help feed hungry families across the country. 

First of all, the Food Depository warehouse is MASSIVE! I assumed that the place would be big, but holy smokes! It is breathtaking. Seriously. Okay, now that I’ve knocked the stars out of my eyes, I’ll tell you about our project. We put together boxes of food for distribution to seniors across Chicago. Our production line was organized and a smooth operation. I was in charge the unpacking the Kraft Reduced Fat Mayo with Olive Oil and getting it to the assembly line! By the way, have any of you ever tried that mayo? We were all fawning over it, so I’ve decided to buy the next time I buy groceries!

Anywho, in the end, the group packed 800 boxes of food!!! According to our Crane Director, Milton, each box of food will feed a senior for 3 days. How great is that?

KB and MJHere’s a picture of me with MJ, the editor of and a founder of…She is a super-blogger on numerous sites and a super-mom. Through Chicagonista, she helped recruit bloggers to the mission. I’m glad that we met and I can’t wait to work on something…anything with her in the future! 




She wasn’t the only great blogger that I met…Here are some others:

Hormone-Colored Days

Food Momiac

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

All in all, I had a great two days helping out, and hope to keep the good times rolling. Until Saturday…At that point, I plan to take a longggg nap!


Just Volunteer. Period.

26 03 2009

Often, actually too often, I hear my peers tell me that they want to volunteer but don’t know where (or how) to get started. I won’t lie to you…When people tell me that phrase, my inner KB drifts to a land of confusion and skepticism. Why? It’s because I’m wondering if they are really telling me the truth!

I was talking to Luvvie last night at the Heineken with a Heart event and mentioned to her that people give me all of these “reasons” why they aren’t volunteering, instead of simply saying “It’s not a priority in my life.” The truth is perfectly acceptable for one main reason…

I am NOT the volunteer police!!!! I never ask people about their volunteer committments, nor do I talk about mine in a bragging sense. If you ask me what I’m doing this weekend or tomorrow, there may be a volunteer activity on there because that’s my passion (hence the blog). But, if you’re not a big volunteer, that’s fine! I am the LAST person to judge. Please trust that!

Now, that I got that off of my chest, I’m going to give a few simple tips for those of you who really do want to get involved with a cause or organization but need a little push or guidance in that area!

1. Start with a cause or activity that means the most to you!

My gateway cause was the multiple sclerosis because I have a personal connection. Think about what means the most to you. Love to garden? Look into helping out at a local greenhouse. Love to read? Maybe you spend an hour every week or so reading at a nursing home. Love watching sports? Shoot hoops with teenagers. Make sense?

2. Volunteer activities are more than you think.

Many volunteer opportunities are outside the box of traditional office-based or event-specific duties. Business professional? You can volunteer on pro-bono marketing and strategy projects with The Taproot Foundation. Former athlete/coach? You can volunteer to be a referee for community youth leagues. 

3. Let the Internet be your guide.

With a few key-strokes and a mouse click, you can discover websites looking for helping hands. National sites include,, or a local level, many cities have organizations which promote volunteer opportunities on a local level. Some sites to check out are,,, or

4. Just ask.

If you got through tips 1-3 and still feel like you don’t know how to get started, then you need to just start asking people. Ask your employer if there is a preferred charity. Ask your pastor/priest if they’ve heard of any community organizations looking for help. Ask your friends where they volunteer and offer to come along.

Hopefully, these tips are helpful! I want to see more young adults out there volunteering…It’s such a great opportunity to enhance the lives of others and further the purpose of an organization. P.S. Did I mention that volunteer experience looks great on resumes? Not that I’m trying to bribe you or anything… 😉


Heineken with a Heart – TONIGHT!

25 03 2009

Come out tonight and support this great event!


Lululemon Gives To Your Community

25 03 2009

As a budding yogini, I’ve decided that I want to get some new (read: official) yoga gear. I remember reading about a partnership between lululemon and Bright Pink, so I decided to check out the website and see if their charitable spirit was a one-time deal or if it was a staple in their world.

Adorable Polka Dot Tank


To my amazement and sheer thrill, lululemon absolutely believes in the power of giving back. The lululemon Charitable Program really focuses on changing communities on a local level. Customers suggest charities to each store, and the store then can pick up to 8 charities a year for a contribution/partnership. Nice 🙂

My little web visit has made me a full believer in the lululemon brand. In addition to their cute (and sometimes organic) collection and charitable principles, each store offers events ranging from FREE yoga sessions to nutrition classes! 

To browse their collection and find events happening at your local store, you can visit their website at!



The Tap Project

23 03 2009

With all of the bottled water going around, I think that we underestimate the importance of tap/well water. I know that I do! While most of America can turn a faucet and have access to clean drinking water, that’s definitely not the case all around the world. 

This week is World Water Week, and the Tap Project wants you to help do your part to provide clean water and sanitation to children. Until this Saturday, the 28th, over 2300 restaurants nationwide will be asking patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free! The funds will be donated to UNICEF‘s worldwide clean water initiatives.

For more information and/or to find participating restaurants in your area, visit!