Will You Buy Me a Slanket?

3 03 2009

Okay, all things considered, I lead a fabulous, fun lifestyle…But, if you really know me then you that I take huge pride in curling up on the couch and watching DVDs. Oh, it’s the truth! Between Netflx, Redbox, and taking from my friends’ collections, I watch tons of movies/TV shows. 

I’m saying all that to ask if someone out there would buy me a Slanket. You know…the blankets that look like backward robes! I’ve decided that I can’t take it anymore and I have to have one! Before you laugh, you should know that the purchase of Slankets actually benefit various charities…I’m serious!











All of the blue Slankets raise money for H20 Africa. The green, brown, and grey Slankets raise funds for the Natural Resources Defense Council. The lavender, ruby wine, and apricot colors support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

See? Now, when you support my Slanket obsession, you’ll be supporting one of these fine charities 🙂 I can hear some of you laughing, but don’t sleep on the Slanket. I hear they are super comfortable! Or was that the Snuggie? Anyways, you get my drift! For more information, please visit www.TheSlanket.com!




4 responses

3 03 2009

I didn’t know they raised money. I just thought they looked like monk robes!

3 03 2009

I know, right! Seriously…who knew?

4 03 2009

Hmmm… *giving KB the side-eye* Slankets are the same thing as snuggies. And they make me frown. >:-|

4 03 2009

Haha…Don’t knock it ’til you tried it!

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