I Didn’t Forget About You All…!

4 03 2009

I know my first post is super late, but I’ve been volunteering at the MS Society all day. Well, at least, for the better part of the day…Anyways, I just walked in the door and have a couple of quick notes to mention!

  • So far, 60 female bloggers have signed up to Rock the Red Pump on their blogs!!! Yay…That’s an amazing response within 3 days, so thank you to everyone who’s signed up and/or spread the word! For all of my Chicago peeps (guys and gals), we are organizing a fundraising happy hour next Tuesday to benefit the Chicago Women AIDS Project. I’ll post the details tomorrow!
  • Did you watch the Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday? Head on over to The Examiner and check out my twist on the traditional recap where I take things that happen on the show and translate them into lessons for the nonprofit community! 

Hope you all had a great day!!! 🙂





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