Boy, Am I Glad To See Monday!

9 03 2009

Welcome to a new week of fun, ladies and gents! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was a total case of Murphy’s law…Anything that can happen will happen! I had a migraine and two tension headaches, my brakes are kaput, and the torrential Chicago rains have caused some leaks in my apartment (the downside to living on the top floor). Now, I won’t bash my landlord on my blog, but let’s just say this has to get fixed ASAP! I absolutely mean it! Hopefully, now you all understand why I’m so happy to see Monday!

Now, for the good news…We have 80 female bloggers signed up for The Red Pump Project! Whoo hoo! We’re only 15 folks away from our goal, and I know we’re gonna make it happen! For more information, you can head on over to! Some of you have mentioned that you plan on rocking your hottest red pumps on Tuesday…I say “Do It!” As a matter of fact, feel free to upload your pics to our Flickr group!

The Chicago happy hour will be on Tuesday at Plush…Details are also on the website 🙂

Let’s make it a great week, everyone!!! 





One response

9 03 2009

Aw naw! Sorry to hear that! The weekend’s weather was kind of like ur weekend. It was just so drab. Hope you’re feeling better!

P.S. YAYY for the flickr group!

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