KB’s Journey: Taking A Stand Against Hunger

27 03 2009

I’m trying to get better about doing recaps for the events that I attend…Here goes!

In the past 24 hours, I’ve had the chance to take part in two GREAT events benefitting the Greater Chicago Food Depository!


Wednesday night, I attended Heineken with a Heart, a bar event held at the always swanky Crimson Lounge.  I got there towards the end of the event so I only heard the last two minutes of the amazing live violinist who was accompanying tracks such as “Blame It” and “On The Ocean.” I wanted to get his information but by the time that I got to the DJ area, he’d already packed up his little musician case 😦

Heineken w/a Heart

I had a great time talking to old friends and making new ones in the name of charity. As guests, we enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres (verdict: delish), free green bottles, and even had the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets. Heineken is committed to many causes, and the Heineken with a Heart program is one of the many outlets for their generosity. 



Moving onto Thursday, a group of Chicago bloggers participated in the “Quaker Go Project” at the Greater Chicago Food Depository headquarters. The Go Project is a partnership between Quaker and Share Our Strength, an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger, to help feed hungry families across the country. 

First of all, the Food Depository warehouse is MASSIVE! I assumed that the place would be big, but holy smokes! It is breathtaking. Seriously. Okay, now that I’ve knocked the stars out of my eyes, I’ll tell you about our project. We put together boxes of food for distribution to seniors across Chicago. Our production line was organized and a smooth operation. I was in charge the unpacking the Kraft Reduced Fat Mayo with Olive Oil and getting it to the assembly line! By the way, have any of you ever tried that mayo? We were all fawning over it, so I’ve decided to buy the next time I buy groceries!

Anywho, in the end, the group packed 800 boxes of food!!! According to our Crane Director, Milton, each box of food will feed a senior for 3 days. How great is that?

KB and MJHere’s a picture of me with MJ, the editor of MomViews.net and a founder of Chicagonista.com…She is a super-blogger on numerous sites and a super-mom. Through Chicagonista, she helped recruit bloggers to the mission. I’m glad that we met and I can’t wait to work on something…anything with her in the future! 




She wasn’t the only great blogger that I met…Here are some others:

Hormone-Colored Days

Food Momiac

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City

All in all, I had a great two days helping out, and hope to keep the good times rolling. Until Saturday…At that point, I plan to take a longggg nap!





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