Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoops!

29 04 2009

Although it definitely does not feel like ice cream weather in Chicago, please know that will definitely not stop me from enjoy 31 cent scoop night at Baskin-Robbins! That’s right, ladies and gents…When you visit Baskin-Robbins tonight from 5-10p, you can purchase a small ice cream for only 31 cents and help support America’s firefighters! BR is making a $100,000 donation to the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) National Junior Firefighter Program. Voila…There you have it!

I’m already dreaming about my cookie dough cone…Fun times indeed 🙂


P.S. The POTUS took Michelle to Baskin-Robbins for their first date. So, guys, don’t sleep on this opportunity for a fun/affordable date! And, if she fusses, simply tell her that Barack did the same thing, it’s for charity, and something something something. You can thank me later 😉


“Tue” Fabulous

28 04 2009

Last week, I read a great post on Dressed to Give about OPI’s involvement with various charitable organizations and causes. As a huge fan of OPI colors, I thought that I would dedicate today’s post to their South Beach collection, which I am completely in love with 🙂

South Beach
P.S. While the “star” of the post is obviously the OPI colors, those Galliano heels are giving me butterflies, so somebody (*ahem*) should go ahead and buy them for me 🙂

“No. Thank You.”

28 04 2009

Within the past 72 hours, I’ve been blessed to say that to two individuals that I’ve helped and it’s been the most AMAZING experience. On Saturday, I joined my BFF Ash, her mom, aunt, and another family friend at The Glass Slipper Project. The Glass Slipper Project provides  prom gowns to high school girls who might not be able to afford them due to financial circumstances. Actually, let me correct myself. The Glass Slipper Project provides a gown, shoes, a handbag, accessories, and even makeup for the girls.


Ash, Mama Tate, Auntie Iris, KB, and Miss Audrey

Ash, Mama Tate, Auntie Iris, KB, and Miss Audrey



I had the pleasure of being the personal shopper for Miss T. After 3 trips to the dressing room and 10 gowns later, we found a gown that she loved and felt amazing in…Score! Moving on to shoes, she found a pair of heels that wouldn’t cramp her style and (of course) matched her dress. After we conquered accessories and makeup, our time together was up. I’m not going to lie…I kind of wished that the day would continue on forever. Or at least the feeling. We spent over an hour together, and for that hour, NOTHING else mattered. It was all about helping her get dressed for a night that she would hopefully remember forever.

As we hugged goodbye, she said “It was fun hanging with you. Thank you!” My response…”No. Thank You!”

Smile 🙂

Fast forward to yesterday…While strolling to Kinko’s, I was approached by a 40-something year old woman who told me that she was just laid off and while waiting for her unemployment, she needed food to feed her children at home. As her voice cracked while explaining her situation, an instant lightbulb that told me, “Do this.” As we were walking the few blocks to a neighborhood convenience store, she told me about her oldest daughter, a freshman in high school, who was celebrating her birthday on that day. 

“Mom, I know you’re waiting for your unemployment, but do you think that you could bake a cake for me today?” the daughter asked earlier that morning.

“When she told me that this morning, I just broke out in tears,” Miss Rose told me. I’m not going to lie…As Rose was talking, I felt a lump forming in my throat. As the daughter of a mother who often had to choose medication over clothes, or scrounge up dollars for our school field trips, I was familiar with the tears of a mother who wished that she could do just a little more…Give just a little more.

When Rose and I arrived at the store, she asked if I could just get her a can of chili for the kids. “Absolutely. And, don’t forget the supplies for the birthday cake,” I replied. After our mini-shopping treat was complete, we walked back outside and I gave her an extra umbrella for her walk back home and two hugs.

She said “Thank you.” I replied, “No, thank you.”

In both of those experiences, I don’t know who was more grateful. Me or them. Giving is not just a transaction of dollars or products. It is a demonstration of the human spirit. As we continue to hear stories of our neighbors, our friends, or even strangers going through hard times, none of us can afford to act like we’re living in a bubble. 

While some would say that the emotion tied to both of my experiences is directly related to my past and how I grew up, I have to say that it’s more than that. I’m reminded why I love to give. It’s not because I want you to read my blog or for the tax credit, it’s because I’ve been the recipient of kindness and my donations are the price I pay to be alive. There’s no other way to describe it…


“Join The Bite Against ALS” in May!

27 04 2009

I don’t know how I’ll ever get ready for swimsuit season if I keep getting information about “eating for charity!” My newest challenge will be to make it out of May WITHOUT doubling my body weight. Of course, I’m exaggerating but the Les Turner ALS Foundation is tempting me with its “Culinary Crusade: Join The Bite Against ALS” initiative! 

Throughout the month of May, diners who visit twelve Chicago restaurants will be doing their part to donate to the fight against ALS, a neuromuscular disorder that causes muscle weakness and impaired speaking, swallowing and breathing, and eventually total paralysis and death. The funds raised will go towards supporting scientific research, ALS patient and family services, and educational and advocacy programs.

Participating restaurants are listed below. When you’re at one of these places, inquire about their “Culinary Crusade Special” for specifics on exactly how the restaurant will support the Les Turner ALS Foundation. 

Adobo Grill (2005 W. Division, Chicago)

Bluegrass (1636 Old Deerfield Road, Highland Park )

Graziano’s Brick Oven Pizza (5960 W. Touhy Ave., Niles)

Ina’s (1235 W. Randolph, Chicago)

Tuscany (1425 W. 22nd, Oak Brook)

Tuscany (550 S. Milwaukee Ave., Wheeling)

Unrefined Café (24 N. Washington, Valparaiso, Ind.)

Vinci (1732 N. Halsted, Chicago)

– Wishbone (1001 W. Washington, Chicago)

Wishbone (3300 N. Lincoln, Chicago)

Sign me up for a late weekday breakfast at Ina’s, a weekend brunch at Wishbone, and happy hour fajitas and margaritas at Adobo Grill. Have any of you guys ever been to the other places on the list? 


DC Event: Guess Store Opening Benefits Fashion Fights Poverty

27 04 2009

If you’re in the DMV area, you are probably already familiar with “Fashion Fights Poverty.” Fashion Fights Poverty is a campaign “that celebrates the work of socially responsible designers, and organizations which use fashion, artisanship and creativity to build sustainable economic opportunity in the world’s poorest communities.” This great initiative is the brainchild of the Style Image Network (SIN), a boutique PR firm based out of Washington, D.C. Every fall, they host a fashion show featuring both stateside and international designers (I’ve heard great things), but there are also various events which lead up to the main event.



This Thursday, April 30th, Guess and Teen Vogue are inviting DC’s style mavens to the grand opening of the new Guess store located at 1155 F Street. From 6:30-8:30p, guests will enjoy mini-makeovers by MAC, manicures by Essie, and the opportunity to save while shopping. If you donate $5 to Fashion Fights Poverty, you will receive 20% off your purchases that evening. 😉

Your purchase will also score you a Guess Green reusable tote bag full of products from GUESS, Teen Vogue, M.A.C. Cosmetics, philosophy, ESSIE, Rosebud Perfume Company and more! You must RSVP by Tuesday, April 28th by sending an email to

You can visit to learn more about the campaign, the events, and the past beneficiaries.


Red Kiva 2nd Anniversary Party!

26 04 2009

West Loop hotspot Red Kiva will be celebrating their two year anniversary this Wednesday, April 30th with a soiree. The swanky set will benefit TPAN (Test Positive Aware Network), a Chicago organization dedicated to empowering people living with HIV through peer-led programming, support services, information dissemination, and advocacy. For more details, please view the flyer below!



Macy’s Celebrates Earth Day with a Sale!

24 04 2009

It’s time for most of us to re-up our summer wardrobes, and need to do so without maxing out our budgets!

Stop into Macy’s tomorrow, the 25th, and enjoy savings between 10-20% as they host a special shopping event to benefit the National Park Foundation and other organizations which protect the environment on a local level!

So, here’s what you do:

1. Purchase a $5 One Good Turn Ticket (proceeds to charity)

2. Receive an all-day in-store shopping pass AND $5 off a purchase of $15 or more

3. Shop and Save!


And, if you’re shopping online, you will see the discount in your shopping cart, provided that you’ve purchased the ticket! As always, there are some item exclusions, etc so visit for more details and the store nearest you!