Party Over Here!

18 04 2009

I’m a firm believer in work hard and play hard! Especially if you’re talking about playing for charity! This is why I’m so excited to participate in a nationwide initiative sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. J&J has selected bloggers across the country to host a Johnson’s Body Care Cause Party. These parties are supposed to celebrate girlfriends, being beautiful, and of course, making a difference. 

Ashanti actually hosted the first cause party and she raised funds for the Boys and Girls Club of Harlem.

I’ve selected the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project to be the recipient of my cause party funds. The Chicago Women’s AIDS Project is the only organization in Chicago solely dedicated to providing gender-specific HIV prevention and care services to women at risk. 

I’ve always wanted to break into party and event planning, so this event is a perfect opportunity to start! I’m still in the process of nailing down a date, but the wheels are already spinning on party favors, the menu, and themed cocktails! I will be sure to post a recap of the event…once it’s actually over!





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