Basa Body Products Help Build Kenya’s Economy

20 04 2009

I’m all about spoiling myself and spoiling others. And, one of my favorite ways to do so lately is with bath products. I used to laugh at people who went overboard with luscious soaps, silky lotions, and fancy scrubs. Now, I can’t get enough of them! I’m always trying something out or adding something to my wish list. Last summer, I got into the habit of incorporating more natural products into my beauty routine. You know, my small yet significant nod to the whole eco-movement 🙂

Anyways, I’m wondering if any of you have ever heard of the products from the Basa Body line! The products are all natural and made using organic virgin coconut oil from wild coconuts harvested along the coast of Kenya. Essentially, they are free from harsh chemicals and don’t have any artificial fragrance, color or preservatives. 


Cherry Chocolate Truffle Soap


If that didn’t already earn them a big thumbs up, Basa Body has strong ties to the people and economic future of Kenya. Basa Body (named in honor of the women of Mombasa) uses pure coconut oil from the Coast Coconut Farms, a social business which has provided employment for over 100 Kenyan families. Not only that, but the company donates 10% of their profits back to a variety of humanitarian projects in Kenya to help fight poverty.

There are four signature products for your enjoyment: 

  • Mint Chocolate Truffle Soap
  • Cherry Chocolate Truffle Soap
  • Basa Body Stick
  • Basa Body Natural Coconut Oil Body Lotion

You can purchase the lotion and the body stick individually, but the truffle soaps are only available in the Kiss Me (below left, $29.99) or Hug Me (below right) Gift Pack.


The products are currently on sale, so if you’re looking for a great gift or a treat for yourself, now might be the right time to act! Oh, and it is my duty to remind you that although the truffle soaps contain pure dark chocolate, you are not to eat them. No matter how strong your craving 🙂

For more information, visit


P.S. Coast Coconut Farms is a beneficiary of Yehu microfinance loans. Visit to learn more.



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