Happy Earth Day!!!

22 04 2009

How are you affecting the Earth? Ever stopped to think about it…?

I do! People always laugh at me because I recycle my water bottles (from the little ones to the gallon ones) and my pop cans, but I don’t unplug my appliances when I leave the house. Or I take my eco-totes to the grocery store to cut back on plastic bags, but will get my coffee in a to-go cup. However, in reference to that last thing, if I’m sitting in the coffee house, I will ask for my coffee to be placed in a mug!

My point is that most of us are not walking around in organic clothes or biking to work, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t little things that we can do!

If you’re looking for some tips, I suggest that you check out TheGreenGuide.com! This website offers buying guides, fast facts, travel tips, restaurant suggestions, and so on and so on! It’s a great starting point and not too overwhelming!

I’ve also rounded up some of my favorite eco-fab websites for you to check out! 


Feel Good Style


Enjoy everyone…And, good luck going green 🙂





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