KB’s Journey: Partying for a Cause

13 05 2009

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of hosting my favorite ladies for my Johnson and Johnson Cause Party. The idea behind the event was to gather my girlfriends for food, drinks, laughter, and, of course, a great cause.

PhotobucketMy ladies gathered at my place around 1:30p, began introducing themselves, and started digging into the snacks! For all of my Chicagoans, if you have not had the fresh salsa and guacamole from Hyde Park Produce (1226 E. 53rd), you have not yet lived! Of course, with me being completely scatterbrained, I was still running around the morning of the party picking up tables, chairs, and other random items. So, I actually spent the first hour and a half of the party in the kitchen cooking with a sweatshirt and baseball cap on. Looking pure crazy! Hahaha!

PhotobucketAs far as the menu was concerned, I prepared my take on a Mexican fiesta. You know, fajitas, black beans, rice, etc and the wine was definitely flowing! As we talked and ate, it became clear what the objective of the event was. J&J wanted to our gathering to really focus on nurturing our bonds in a relaxed, comfortable, and fun atmosphere!

In between the girl talk convos which ranged from dating to Beyonce, I gave my guests some background on why J&J believes in these cause parties and some information on the Chicago Women’s AIDS Project, the party’s beneficiary, and women and HIV statistics in Chicago.

If you’re familiar with The Red Pump Project, then you know that Luvvie and I adopted CWAP as our Chicago AIDS organization. The funds that were raised on Saturday will help offset the cost of CWAP’s annual conference for HIV positive women which is this Saturday, the 16th.

PhotobucketMy guests were really pleased with their J&J gift bags! They received samples of Johnson and Johnson’s Be Radiant Cocoa and Shea Butter Lotion and Body Wash. I’m smiling because I’m a huge fan of both cocoa and shea butter in itself and have a fetish for any product which includes them in their formulas.

Hours later, when the last guest left, I was super-tired but in a great way. I had a great time catching up with old friends and sharing stories with new ones. Thank you, J&J for sponsoring this event. And, thank you, ladies for coming out and supporting CWAP (and me)!

I’ve included more pictures from the event below! To learn more about Johnson and Johnson’s Body Care line, visit www.johnsonsforyou.com.

Photobucket Photobucket





2 responses

13 05 2009

I had a wonderful time and am in love with that lotion!! I didn’t think anything could make me stray away from Aveeno, but yeah… Johnson & Johnson is really on point with their “Be Radiant – Cocoa & Shea Butter Lotion”. I’m a fan! Thanks for hosting…

Any word on how much you were able to raise?

15 05 2009

Haha…I know! That lotion is definitely the business. I’m a little obsessed. And, it smells sooooo good!

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