Happy Birthday, TFG!!!

15 05 2009


OMG…I’m such a bad blog mommy! The Fabulous Giver officially was “born” one year ago on May 13th! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to share these events and my journey with you guys! I’m very grateful for each of you who takes the time to read my blog, retweet an entry, or tell your friends to check me out! 

Seriously, you all keep me working and trying to build my vision. I plan on really turning things up a notch in this new year. So, be on the lookout for a site redesign, interviews with some AMAZING individuals, events, vlogs, and MORE! 

Again, THANK YOU for all of your support and please continue to spread the word about The Fabulous Giver!





5 responses

15 05 2009

Congrats!!!!! Your blog is officially a toddler! Great things to come!

*Takes swig of Bailey’s in your honor*. Hmmm… maybe I should volunteer instead. 🙂

15 05 2009
Dee Dee

Congrats Karyn! I wish you & The Fabulous Giver continued success.

15 05 2009

Hahaha….You’re hilarious! “Swig.” Lololol

15 05 2009

Thanks, dear!!!!

15 05 2009

Congrats. Keep the fabulousity coming!

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