June-time Is Here!

1 06 2009
Summertime Chicago!

Summertime Chicago!

Hey, guys…I’ve missed you all so much! It’s been over a week since my last entry, but I had to rearrange and reorder my life! Lol. My TFG staycation gave me time to work on plans for The Red Pump Project, plan for some new ventures, AND start cleaning out my closets! A new season is upon us, and like they say in church, “You have to get your house in order!”

I’m actually really excited that we’ve reached June. It means that we’ve made it halfway through the year! It’s never too late to start giving or to start volunteering. Don’t think about it…Just do it! Whether it’s participating in a charity softball tournament or planting flowers in a community garden, the outdoor volunteer opportunities increase!

As a firm believer in sunlight and sunbathing, you can rest assured that I will be on the lookout for plenty of “golden” opportunities to have fun while giving. As I come across great outdoor activities, I will definitely add them here on the blog. Have a great June 1st…Summer officially arrives in 20 days! Start the countdown now 🙂





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