Chic Meets Social Good at Peters Path

8 06 2009

Twitter introduced me to Peters Path last month ago, but this online boutique has been active for a lot longer than that. The store uses its online storefront to bring eco-conscious styles to individuals while also raising funds for different charities on a monthly basis.

Nick & Mo Samantha Blouse, $38

Nick & Mo Samantha Blouse, $38

After serving on various mission trips, the owner, Christine Peters, knew that she wanted to do something on an ongoing basis to assist various charities. Originally, she thought about just creating a line of t-shirts but decided that she would open an online store instead. And, that brings us to Peters Path.

Every month, Peters Path donates a portion of their proceeds to non-profit organizations that promote equality and empowerment, fight poverty, aid those less fortunate and foster community service. Christine believes that we can all do our part to make a difference! “Helping people can be as simple as buying clothes,” says Christine. I wholeheartedly agree!

Nick & Mo Ruffle Dress, $48

Nick & Mo Ruffle Dress, $48

This month’s featured charity is Kate’s Club, a non-profit organization that empowers children and teens facing life after the death of a parent or sibling by creating friendships with kids and young adults who share the experience. Participants go on buddy outings, enjoy time at a Clubhouse, and attend support groups where they are encouraged to discuss their feelings in an open, yet safe environment. Kate’s Club is an amazing organization, one which I may not have ever learned about if it wasn’t for Peters Path, so kudos to Christine and team for not only raising funds but building awareness!

Peters Path carries women’s clothing, accessories, and even home decor. Check out the cool salt and pepper shakers below! To learn more about the company, visit their website at!




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