Top 10 Celebrity Donors

8 06 2009

brad-jolie_0Ever wondered which celebrities do the best job of using their stardom for good? Well, Celebrity Charity Examiner, Linda St. Cyr, has compiled a Top 10 list over at her page. The list is below…

10. John Legend

9. George Clooney

8. Sir Elton John

7. Ellen DeGeneres

6. Brad Pitt

5. Bono

4. Bill Clinton

3. President Barack Obama

2. Annie Lennox

1. (Saint) Angelina Jolie

Check out her article to find out what makes these folks so great!





2 responses

8 06 2009

I’m digging this list. Especiallly with my boo John Legend at the 10 spot. He really is quite well rounded and I love him for it!

9 06 2009

I know! I didn’t know much about John Legend’s charity involvement, but that’s definitely what’s up!

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