Jeannette, Juvenesse, and a Journey

12 06 2009

“When you decide to do something for the good of mankind, the universe comes behind you and supports you.” – Jeannette Kravitz Last month, I attended a charity spa event at Juvenesse Spa (520 W. Erie, Chicago). The  proceeds of the event went to a nonprofit organization called Peace Journey. That’s really all that I knew. That is, until I was introduced to the owner of the spa, Jeannette Kravitz. She is full of energy and life, but at the same time is extremely centered. As we sat there talking, I found myself being more and more drawn in to every sentence.

Jeannette Kravitz

Jeannette Kravitz

Jeannette, like myself, had a background in corporate America and often wondered what was her life purpose. While traveling the world with her husband, she encountered many individuals who slammed the US for its policies without knowing about the many giving and selfless individuals who were proud Americans. In an effort to increase the dialogue between America and the world, she started Peace Journey in 2000.

After 9/11, she decided that she would use this organization to introduce middle schoolers and high schoolers to teens around the world, and build partnerships based on open and honest communication. On Peace Journey’s first overseas trip, students from Chicago high schools, Roberto Clemente, Kennedy, and Latin, participated. “It was like the UN of students,” Jeannette chuckled.

Peace Journey continues to sponsor groups of students and teachers  on trips to select foreign countries. They travel with a computer lab as our gift to each culture, opening doors to communication and lasting friendships online and offline.

With Peace Journey underway, Jeannette came across the opportunity to purchased local Juvenesse Skin Care line in 2006. Within 2 years, the Peace Spa collection was added and Juvenesse Spa opened on International Peace Day in September 2008.

Juvenesse’s motto is “beauty with a conscious,” and it absolutely rings true. The skincare line includes cleansers, toners, masks, and much more. You can also purchase makeup products including mineral eyeshadows, skin primer, and gorgeous glosses. The products can be purchased at the spa or online at Proceeds from the skincare line, as well as the spa, benefit the great work that Peace Journey is doing around the world.

In the past, Peace Journey has visited countries such as Tanzania, Morocco, and Mexico, and produced a documentary which received a Telly Award for Excellence in 2006. So, what’s next?  Well, all eyes are looking towards 2010 when Peace Journey will mark its 10th anniversary! Celebratory plans include starting an organic farm in Brazil, along hosting with a concert in conjunction with UN International Peace Day.

So, a nonprofit, a skin care line, and a spa? Whew! That’s a lot! With so much going on, I asked Jeannette about her keys to success. Her response? “Reaching out to the right people, not getting caught in an ego, and collaborating with other organizations.”

Sounds like a good strategy to me. 🙂

You can learn more about Peace Journey by visiting their website at To browse the Juvenesse Skincare line and to learn about the spa offerings, be sure to stop by!

(Make sure that you check out the Rescue Gel, for on-the-spot blemish treatments…I’m a fan!)





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