Casual Charity – Tees for a Cause

30 06 2009

Four years ago, my former professor/mentor said to me, “You know one thing that I never saw coming? Wearing t-shirts with random sayings on them. I just don’t get it.” And, we had a great laugh about it. But, in all actuality, tees with catchphrases or eye-grabbing logos/designs have virtually cemented themselves in our society. I mean, how many different versions of Obama shirts exist in the world?

From school pride to peaceful demonstrations, here is a posting of some of my favorite tees out here raising money for some great causes!

Save The Tatas

These sassy tees not only draw attention to the wearer but they also raise breast cancer awareness in a fearless way. Five percent of all sales of the tees will be donated to The Save the Ta-Tas Foundation. Proud partners of the Concern Foundation and the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, the foundation exists for the advancement of cancer awareness, education and prevention, and to aid in the fight to find a cure. You can find this shirt and more at!

Gold Metallic Tank, $25.95

Gold Metallic Tank, $25.95

First Lady High

This tee is not just a nod to Whitney M. Young High School, the oh-so-great institution responsible for First Lady Michelle Obama’s high school education, but is also a fashionable means to raise scholarship funds for the students. WY alum and Redefine the Tee owner, Monique Spence, created the shirts to give back in a proud way. As a WY alum myself, I’ve decided that I must have one of these tees. Browse the collection at

First Lady High Tee, $35

First Lady High Tee, $35


The eco-friendly tees playfully display the peace symbol with hopes that you will help spread awareness about world causes. The tees are 100% organic and the company is working on being completely green. For every shirt sold, the company donates 1% to Doctors Without Borders. If you’re looking for one of these crafted tees, you will either have to locate a retailer nearest you OR send the company an email to arrange a transaction (via MC, Visa, or Paypal).

Peace Cap Tee, $34

Peace Cap Tee, $34

Common Threadz

Common Threadz’ plan is pretty simple. For every tee that you purchase, they will provide a school uniform to a child in Africa. For the most part, children are required to wear uniforms and sometimes something that seems simple to us can stand in the way of an education. The t-shirt designs are often done by artists, but in the case of the shirt below, the children in Africa also lend their talents to the cause. You can learn more about Common Threadz, as well as view the collection here.

Designed by Thatdo Zonndi, $38

Designed by Thatdo Zonndi, $38

Have a cool tee that I missed? Email me a pic…I’d love to see them and share!





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