Charity Charms

7 07 2009
Gratitude Ball Bracelet, $130

Gratitude Ball Bracelet, $130

I’ve always wanted a sterling silver charm bracelet. Something about the style whispers classic femininity with a sense of individuality. Charity Charms is a company that not only offers beautiful styles,  but they allow you to raise awareness and funds for a charity of your choice.

Charity Charms has created logos in recognition of over 40 nonprofit organizations, ranging from the Best Friends Animal Society to the American Lung Association. When you purchase a logo charm and a corresponding item of jewelry, the company will donate 25% to that specific organization.

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Women Heart Charm, $50

Women Heart Charm, $50

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, $115

WH Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, $115

Phoenix Children's Hospital, $50

Phoenix Children's Hospital, $50

PCH Bracelet, $145

PCH Bracelet, $145

Of course, you can choose other items besides the bracelets. Charity charms sells necklaces, keychains, earrings, cufflinks, and more! You can browse the entire charity collection at!




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