Sage Hotels Reward Volunteerism

7 07 2009

Most of us volunteer just for the sake of giving back to our communities. However, that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t also enjoy a “tangible” reward. Well, how about this?

When you volunteer for eight hours with a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, you qualify for either a complimentary night stay or 50% discount on hotel rooms at Sage hotels nationwide. Once you’ve completed your service, contact the hotel nearest you to use the “Give a Day, Get a Night” special rate. This promotion will run until December 20, 2009!

The Blackstone Hotel on Michigan Avenue is one of the participating hotels, so if you have yet to visit Chicago…*wink, wink* Now would be the time.

My summer of service post will be up shortly so maybe you’ll find an opportunity this week. To learn more about the promotion and the terms/conditions, click here.





One response

8 07 2009

Wow, this is such a great way to give back to volunteers and to the community! I also just stayed at a hotel, the Good Hotel, in San Francisco, that partners with organizations to offer service projects for its guests. While I think many people volunteer without expecting anything back, it is still nice to be recognized. Thank you Sage!

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