VIDEO: Hating on Charitable Celebs? Why?

10 07 2009

Today I’m rolling out my first VLog because every now and then, I just want to talk. Things pop into my mind and I need to get them out. Having said all of that, today’s “Friday Fab Gab” topic is:

Why do people hate on celebrities who are doing charitable deeds?

Listen to my rant and then tell me your thoughts…I want to honestly know “What’s up with that?”




3 responses

10 07 2009
Amanda Miller Littlejohn

Watch out Oprah.
Loving the side eye and the element of video. Makes theFabGiver all the more fabulous.

But…to answer your question: why do they hate? Because they have nothing better to do. I think these people are so enamored with celebrity that they feel the best way to be close to it is…hating. Which is sad.

Also, as a society we’re all so jaded that we have the kneejerk impulse to hate or say something snarky instead of trying to see the value in good deeds, which is also a sad commentary.

15 07 2009

Um… I can’t believe you did a serious side eye at the end of the video. Hilarious! I don’t know how to answer your question, but I thought the side eye was great!

17 07 2009
Kirsten Goede

Totally agree. What’s up with the hate? Everyone, even celebrities (especially celebrities!), are allowed to do good works. I felt the same way when people were badmouthing Oprah’s school for girls. Why can’t she help young women in Africa? Isn’t she allowed to help whoever she wants? Celebrities are rich and famous, yes. And they often help charities. Great for the charities!

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