“YES to Carrots” Seed Fund

28 07 2009

Apparently, carrots are not only good for your eyes, but your skin and the community as well! I was first introduced to “YES to Carrots” products when I received the carrot body scrub in a swag bag from Shecky’s. I love the product because in addition to exfoliating my skin, it also infuses it with beta carotene (three cheers for antioxidants). Over the weekend, I was gifted with some lip balms/glosses from their line, and while looking at the packaging, I noticed that there was a little callout that said “YES to Carrots Seed Fund.”


Hmm…Qu’est-ce que c’est? According to the website, the Seed Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations focused on “providing under-served communities with the resources to develop and sustain an organic food source and access to healthy nutrition.” Projects funded this year include community garden/job training programs in “food deserts,” partial scholarships to sustainable design programs, and youth training/employment programs. Two of the programs are actually in Chicago communities so that’s pretty cool!

To check out the product lineup and learn about the Seed Fund, visit www.yestocarrots.com!




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